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hurting get the skills they need to get the jobs they want, get this deficit and debt under control to prevent a debt crisis, make trade work for america to make more things in america and sell them overseas and champion small businesses. don't raise taxes on small businesses bus they're our jobts creators. talks about detroit, mitt romney is a car guy. they keep misquoting him. let me tell you about the mitt romney i now. this is a guy who i was talking to a family in north borrow, massachusetts, the other day, cheryl and mark nixon, their kids were hit in a car crash four of them two of them rob and reid, were paralyzed. the romneys didn't know them. they went to the same church, never met before. mitt asked if he could come over on christmas. he brought his boys, his wife, and gifts. later on he said i know you're struggling, mark, don't worry about their college, i'll pay for it. when mark told me this story, mitt romney doesn't tell these stories, the nixons told this story. he said it wasn't the help, the cash help, it's that he gave his time and has consistently. this is a ma
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1